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Outreach Service Brochure 2018-19

What type of support is available?
The Outreach Service utilises the knowledge and skills of teachers working at St John’s School and their experience of working with children and young people with severe and complex needs to offer advice and practical help to their mainstream colleagues.The purpose of outreach work is to assist the development of the receiving school’s own expertise and resources to meet the pupils’ educational needs.
 There are five main types of outreach available:
1.  Advice regarding individual pupils to increase their access to the curriculum, inclusion in the classroom and socially around the school
2.  Advice regarding whole-school issues relating to the inclusion of pupils with complex learning needs
3.  Training sessions and/or contributing to staff meetings on a range of topics relevant to teaching pupils with complex learning needs
4.  Opportunities for teachers and support staff to visit the special school to view specialist resources and/or observe teaching strategies
5.  Access to specialist library and information service further information available on the school website
Advice can currently be sought on issues such as:
• Curriculum access
• Inclusive classroom practice
• Specialist interventions and strategies
• Target setting and IEP drafting
• Promoting positive behaviour
• Developing communication and interaction skills
• Transition

Who can access outreach?
The Outreach service is available to all schools/educational settings in Bedford Borough, from preschool to post -16 providers.
Individual pupils referred for such support will usually have a Statement of SEN or and Educational Health & Care Plan.
Advice can be offered to support the education of pupils with complex learning needs, including physical or sensory impairments and autism.

How can schools/settings access outreach?      Link to our ‘Outreach Request’ page.
Requests for support may be made by the Headteacher or SENCo within the mainstream setting. The request is made by submitting a request form to the SEND Team at Borough Hall who present the case to the appropriate panel. (Appendix 1) Once this request has been agreed, the St. John’s Outreach Co-ordinator will arrange an initial visit to the school/setting. Schools/settings may alternatively make a direct request to St John’s School for outreach by completing and submitting the same request form.
Request to St John’s School;
Contact Caran Goddard: outreach@biltt.org
Request to SEND Team;
Contact Tim Long: tim.long@bedford.gov.uk

Is there a charge for outreach?
There is no cost to schools/settings for outreach commissioned by the SEND Team. In cases of direct request a cost/charge will be made clear at the outset by the St John’s outreach co-ordinator and agreed with the receiving school before any work is undertaken. In cases where the additional equipment needs of an individual pupil are identified and form part of outreach work recommendations, any future funding implications which cannot be met from within the school/setting budget and /or Education Health Care Plan funding, should be discussed with Tim Long, Principal Educational Psychologist.