Communicate In-Print Training

Basic Writing

Write in Symbols
Working with a fixed frame
Working with Text
Text & Symbol Mode

Grids & Tables

Making a simple Table
Merging & Unmerging Cells
Adjusting Row, Height & Column width
Making a more complex Table
Making a Table of a set size
Insert & Delete Rows & Columns
Putting Graphics in Table Cells

Further Topics

Creating a ‘NO’ object symbol
How to set ‘default font’ & ‘border colour’
Joining a ‘Symbol’ & ‘Photo’ together
Check for and switch off plural and tense qualifiers
Removing a symbol from a word.
Speech Bubbles & Arranging

Colouring a Graphic
Skin Tones & Monochrome Symbols
Landscape Orientation
Changing the frame appearance
Saving & Loading
Inserting, deleting & Numbering Pages – master items
Whiteboard & other layout features